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  • Akash Singh
  • 12 jan, 2022
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What Is Waffles Pizza All About?

Have you ever heard of Waffles Pizza? Here's how Waffles Pizza got its start. Waffles Pizza is a unique cafe chain with a blend of waffles and pizzas that serves the Indian subcontinent with Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisine.

Waffles Pizza aims to provide you with the best food and taste now, tomorrow, and every day. Waffles Pizza is around with even more delightful, tempting, and sizzling entrees at never-before-seen pricing. With Netflix's new prices and Waffles Pizza's mouth-watering waffles, pizzas, shakes, and more, you can enjoy your favourite shows while keeping your taste buds alive. Waffles Pizza is a delicious combination of cheesy pizza toppings and hot, crispy waffles. You may enjoy these flavorful pizzas on Flour Crust and Waffle Crust bases. Lunch, supper, brunch, and even a late-night snack are our specialties. Waffles Pizza allows you to modify the toppings on your pizza and other delectable foods to achieve the flavour you desire. In addition, you'll get 100% vegetarian food on our menu.

We also offer a live kitchen baking facility where you can watch your pizza being made in front of your eyes to fulfill your hunger. Our top priority is hygiene, so you'll enjoy that excellent taste without compromising your health. Not only do we offer Pizzas on our menu, but we also have sweet and savoury Waffles, Burgers, Pasta, Ice Cream, Smoothies, Shakes, Fries and many more great food items! Try our diverse and refreshing cuisine and discover how quickly you fall in love. We'll also serve you a delicious chocolate pizza with Nutella on top, which will make you feel like you're in heaven while eating it.

Waffles Pizza has become a household name among both youngsters and adults. Waffles Pizza is a restaurant franchise that is thriving in its market. It's the first time we've combined the unusual flavours of Waffles and Pizza.

Waffles Pizza is a place where a million memories have been made. We treasure these memories and keep them dear to our hearts. We are always ready to make any celebration unique for you, whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a success party, a special day for your loved ones, or any other occasion.


Shalinee Singh is an educator by nature. She has profound knowledge of healthy food habits. She is an avid innovator of delicious recipes keeping in mind a proper amount of nutrition. Having expertise in Indian food and Italian cuisine since 2011, she is committed to the growth of Waffles Pizza through training and establishing interpersonal relations to achieve the goals.

Mukesh Rawat is one of the Co-founders of The Pizza Central (TPC) and Cake Wake and an expert in beverages and Italian dishes since 2016. He is a friend at heart and adept at training the chefs and staff members. He has ample knowledge in financial management and human resources and takes care of the company's sustainable development.

Ayush Rawat is a Civil Engineer by profession and a foodie to the core; he is a multi-faceted personality. He is one of the Co-founders of The Pizza Central (TPC) and Cake Wake and has multiple other pursuits. He has expertise in Interior decoration which he has been practicing since 2016 and vast knowledge of Kitchen Equipment and machines. He always stays on his toes and has a keen vision of having at least 99 functional outlets of the Waffles Pizza by 2025.


We're bringing the taste of Belgium to the Indian subcontinent for some delectable moments. We've created 100 percent vegetarian delicacies that are simple to prepare, tasty, and economical. We provide an on-the-go and unique Waffles Pizza and other concepts; maintaining high quality and affordability while giving a refreshing taste with sanitation is our principal focus.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality food in a whole new light, full of flavour, freshness, and depth of flavour. Our goal is to provide the best meal service possible to our consumers.

Our goal is to expand and serve this exotic flavour throughout the country. We want to create a cuisine hub and the largest franchise business in the world, where everyone can enjoy high-quality, mouth-watering food with unusual flavours. Our ideals are dedicated to satisfying our customer's food cravings with perfect sanitation and delectable flavours, and our main goal is to pay close attention to our customers' needs.